How to Capture Leads from Your Real Estate Website

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How to Capture Leads from Your Real Estate Website

How to Capture Leads from Your Real Estate Website

Are you having trouble capturing leads through your website? Notice the increasing number of visitors but haven’t got a clue on how to collect information to reach these visitors? Well, stay with us and learn 5 ways to better optimize your Real Estate website for lead capture.

1. The Side Bar

This widget option/placement is great to be used when wanting to introduce visitors to a subscription of some sort. Ex. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter or For tips on how to buy an affordable home in the GTA, subscribe today!

2. Pop-up Lead Form

Ever go through a website and forget what was on the home page? Well, pop-up forms are perfect for this reason. Pop-up forms remind visitors about your promotions or service offerings that require the visitor to fill out a form to learn more.

3. Slide-in CTA

This option is similar to the above, slide-in call to actions have the same concept as a pop-up form except a little less disruptive to the visitor’s activity and more visually subtle.

4. Welcome Bar

Have you ever heard people say that your homepage is the most important page on your website? Well, it is! Want to know why? Your homepage is your first impression, so make it a lasting one! Get asking your visitors for information out of the way on the first page, however, make it less of a sales pitch and more of a value added for your potential clients.

5. Footer

The bottom of your page is just as important as the top. Especially on a blog page, this is the perfect widget to use when asking your audience to subscribe to your blog for more added value after receiving the information that you have just offered them.

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